Some San Franciscan drum & bass cross-polinated with a little London club action. Woo-sahhhhhh. Tracklist: 1. Bachelors of Science – Don’t Hold Back (feat. Dylon Germick) [Dub] 2. Bachelors of Science & Ben Soundscape – Love Lost (feat. Collette Warren) [Intrigue] 3. Aphonic – Under the Truth (Method One Remix) [Sublife] 4. Lukeino & Rozi […]

A banging mix from Bachelors of Science mix that they did for Kmag that features all new music. 1) Bachelors of Science & Kuru – What We Need (feat. Maria Remos) – CODE DUB 2) Bachelors of Science – Beast (feat. Emcee Child) – CODER001 3) Bachelors of Science & Ben Soundscape – Ainokea (feat. […]

Great f’n mix. With the Compos Mentis mix, the idea was to touch on our past while looking forward to the future by mixing some quintessential BoS tracks and classic favourites with some of today’s best tunes. There are also a couple of our recent remixes included as well as some of our favourite dubs […]

The Bachelors of Science are offering up a free tune over at their Bandcamp site. Its an unofficial drum&bass send up of The xx’s “Infinity” and well worth the registration required for download. The XX – Infinity (Bachelors Of Science remix) While you’re at it, drop a few bucks on their Science Fiction album from […]