There’s a small atmospheric drum and bass community on Reddit (/r/AtmosphericDnB) that I follow and one of the users put together this wonderful little collaborative playlist that he’s titled Intelligent DnB. There’s a ton of golden era atmospheric inside and outside the realm of GLR/LGR’s back catalog and it clocks in at more than 48 […]

Commix has a brand new EP, Generation 2, on Metalheadz available on November 4th and it’s spectacular. If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you might know that I am in love with atmospheric drum & bass, especially from it’s heyday in the 90s. When Good Looking Records and their peers ruled […]

Thanks to Law over at the Drumtrip Blog for his excellent Biography of LTJ Bukem mix from 2007. Make sure you check out the rest of the DT mix archive…it’s epic. Tracklist: 01.. LTJ Bukem – Demons Theme – Good Looking 02.. LTJ Bukem – Enchanted – Good Looking 03.. The Bookworm – Bookworm – […]

I have a deep abiding love for the sound of atmospheric, or “intelligent,” drum & bass. While the Good Looking crew led the charge, there were a ton of other labels and producers make high quality tracks too that made that entire era a plethora of auditory heaven for me. I still spend hours listening […]