I was invited to join a Facebook group called Dallas Electronic recently. People are posting flyers to their first raves and parties dating back 20+ years, including some of my own events as both 32 Degrees and Covert Operations. While I was on that nostalgia tip, I decided to re-upload some old recordings of the […]

This particular set by the great and powerful Andy “Badboy” C embodied one of the more pivotal growth spurts jungle music went through in the mid to late 1990s. It was the lead set on one of the tape packs released by Telepathy from their series of drum n bass events in the UK, and […]

I’ve tossed around the idea of a super jungle post for awhile and finally decided that it needed to happen. So I spent about five hours pooling a few of my favorite old school jungle sets from the last decade that I feel are really worth sharing. The audio varies because of the age of […]

Someone took the time to rip every set from a Telepathy tape pack that was recorded on February 25th, 1994. The sound varies from rip to rip, but it’s an awesome piece of jungle nostalgia. The zip file is a whopping 630mb with 14 separate mp3s each averaging about 43 minutes each. Sets (sound quality […]