Long before I discovered the rave, I was into heavy metal and industrial music. My early influences ran the gamut from Pantera to Slayer to Ministry to KMFDM and everything in between. Listening to those bands is a primary reason drum&bass drew me in…it was dark, heavy, loud and in my opinion it might be […]

Everyone once in awhile, while browsing the flotsam and jetsam of the internet, you come across someone that really has a serious passion about music. DJ Blick, of Germany, is one of those folks. I came across his mix series while browsing DOA‘s mix forums and was astounded at the amount of music he’s put […]

I missed this a few months ago while cruising the Metalheadz forums. This mix dates back to 1995 when cassette tapes were still the preferred medium for distributing a mix. It’s pure “intelligent” (or to use the more PC term, atmospheric) drum&bass. Bailey – Intelligence Studio Mix (1995) Filetype: zip/mp3 Time: Side A 46min / […]

Given my propensity to be really into beat-driven music, it should come as no surprise that I prefer instrumental hip-hop to the lyrical variety. Not that there’s anything wrong with vocal hip-hop, but I often feel like the beats are lost in translation. Here’s a double shot of instrumental hip-hop that’s perfect for anytime of […]

What do you get when you combine dancehall vocals with UK funky house (aka 4/4 UK Garage)? Gabriel Heatwave’s Funky Bashment mix. This mix was originally featured on XLR8R’s Podcast in late September. If you dig this type of vibe you can get more from Heatwave’s website/blog. The Heatwave – Funky Bashment Mix (right click, […]