Liquid-filled mix from the DJ Sol.ID. He wanted to give the people something different than the harder-tinged flavors that have been coming out, and we’re grateful for it. Loads of dubs and fresh bits. Sol.ID – The Redemption Mix (right click, save as) Karpay & Harper – Winter Whale – Dub Facing Jinx & Philth […]

DJ Eleven, one of The Rub DJs, dropped the second installment of his Winter Sadness series last year and it’s worth posting again for for those of you digging a soulful melancholy vibe. This mix is also notable for introducing me to the genius of Mayer Hawthorne. DJ Eleven – Winter Sadness 2 (right click, […]

This next mix is from DRR, the DJ formerly known as the mighty Robbie B out of Atlanta. It’s called A Taste of Things To Come (A 91-93 Retrospective). If you were around in the beginning, you know exactly who Robbie B/DJ Ruffneck is, and why this mix is so landmark. He’s not only famous […]

It would probably be a mistake to label DJ Mel as a purely hip-hop DJ because he’s much more than that… This snippet from the Austin Chronicle will say it better than I ever will: “A flawless mixer, Mel always makes it a point to demonstrate the similarities between divergent styles of music, whether segueing […]