Hudson Mohawke featured in XLR8R magazine, tossing a real glitchy low-on-the-bass brand of hip hop. Excellent production and catchy background beats. Here is his BBC Essential mix from 11/27/09. DOWNLOAD Loops Haunt – Dusk Mechanics Machine Drum – Sakatak Red – I should tell ya momma on you Hudson Mohawke – Bopgunn V1 Instrumental Dorian […]

DOWNLOAD! tracklisting: 01. ‘Are You That Somebody?’ Aaliyah 02. ‘Lessons (Steve Gurley mix)’ Robbie Craig 03. ‘Spirit Of The Sun (Steve Gurley mix)’ Lenny Fontanna 04. ‘Waiting’ Scott Garcia 05. ‘You’re Mine (Zed Bias mix)’ Suburban Lick 06. ‘What’s Going On?’ Wookie 07. ‘Neighbourhood (Steve Gurley mix)’ Zed Bias 08. ‘I Need Your Love’ MJ […]

To commemorate techno overlord Stacey Pullen’s return to Texas this month, we’re posting up his highly-acclaimed DJ Kicks mix from 1996. tells you everything you need to know about this set. Part of the German label Studio !K7’s DJ series, Stacey Pullen’s DJ-Kicks gives one a sense of the kind of mix the second-generation […]

Long before I discovered the rave, I was into heavy metal and industrial music. My early influences ran the gamut from Pantera to Slayer to Ministry to KMFDM and everything in between. Listening to those bands is a primary reason drum&bass drew me in…it was dark, heavy, loud and in my opinion it might be […]

Everyone once in awhile, while browsing the flotsam and jetsam of the internet, you come across someone that really has a serious passion about music. DJ Blick, of Germany, is one of those folks. I came across his mix series while browsing DOA‘s mix forums and was astounded at the amount of music he’s put […]