I have an expansive digital music library that was in absolute shambles thanks to iTunes metadata fuckery over the years. When the isolation period began in Texas I resolved that I’d use my free time to fix it file by file, folder by folder, and label by label so that it was accurate and correct. […]

Matrix and Futurebound’s Viper Recordings are just about to take off on a UK tour featuring Brooks Brothers, Cyantific, Koven, and others. As such they are looking for some aspiring DJs to join them on their opening slots by hosting a DJ competition. Prizes include an opening slot on one date of the tour, a […]

Are you a bedroom producer with production skills but no audience or outlet for your sick tunes? Want to establish yourself by remixing something from an established drum & bass artist? Do you want to win “fame and prizes*?” Well you’re in luck because Blu Mar Ten are offering up another remix competition for their […]

A lot of best-of lists suffer from terrible recency bias, including mine. I’m going to try and stay away from it for 2015, but with so much fantastic music being released every week it’s a tough ask. My criteria for the list are: Does it have repeat playability? Does it trigger an emotional or physical […]

The Supreme Court of the United States offered up a 5-4 opinion today that made all state bans on gay marriage unconstitutional. This decision effectively makes gay marriage legal. Here’s the last paragraph of Justice Anthony’s opinion: “No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice, […]

I’m sad to report that I have never been to Fabric, but every time I see a line-up or hear about a show there, it makes me regret not having been. Between the mix CD series, the multitude of DJ mixes they post online, and the shows themselves there cannot possibly be a better nightclub […]

The day you decide to dip your toe into the rave promotion waters is also the day you need to come to grips with chaos. Whether it’s mildly annoying hotel rate increases or the entire show bottoming out when your venue tells you to get fucked, you better be ready. You plan, you plan again, […]

Hello, You’ve hopefully had a chance to look at my first article, where I had a chance to speak to Xtrah.  I felt that I should take a moment to formally introduce myself. I’m Chris, a 33 year old DJ and promoter from the UK.  I’ve been involved in DnB since 1996 via a very healthy […]

Hi, Greg here. I’ve been throwing out some pieces and I realized that I haven’t told you anything about me. So, here goes. I’ve been an avid electronic music fan since about 2000. Over the years, I have expanded to bass music and some techno, but have always consistently loved drum and bass. Many years […]

We have some new contributors on the blog, one of whom (Greg) has already dipped his toe in with yesterday’s Reso Mini-Mix post. Rather than go into long-winded introductions on their individual merits, I’ll let each of them them introduce themselves. With that said, I’m really looking forward to having more hands-on-deck and additional musical […]