Back in 2003 a new sound in underground bass music broke through to the surface in the UK – but it didn’t yet have a name. This essential BBC Radio 1 show, The New Step, hosted by J Da Flex with support from Durrty Goodz, breaks it all down: Tell us wot you call it […]

Article by Natalie Esquire, SuperSuper Magazine #20 2009 (not reproduced in full) Rewind to a now infamous documentary on prime time BBC. A girl with hugely dilated pupils is staring into the camera and talking/shouting ten to the dozen about a new sound which ‘touches you here’ (points to her heart) ‘and touches you here […]

The music, the clothes, the place, the time. Shot on location in Peckham in 1993, this 29 minute short film will put a smile on your face. Watch We The Ragamuffin From Dazed Magazine: “Working with a purely improv script and local grassroots cast, Julian Henriques’s We the Ragamuffin provides a fascinating glimpse into the hybrid […]

Mala is a legend. In this 17-minute video, Mala’s Record Box, he pays tribute to the influence of John Peel on exposing new music in the UK – a presence still sorely missed. He shares the influences that helped develop his own sound, as well as a history of jungle, drum ‘n bass and the early […]