There are a lot of DNB collectives making waves these days. SCAR, being one of them, is comprised of Survival and Script who are quickly garnering some well deserved attention. Survival is known for his collabs with Silent Witness and, on occasion with bad boy Break, among various others. Script came into view for me with […]

Truth are a New Zealand based dubstep duo that have been a solid contributor to the sound since 2009. They have three albums under their belt, one of which, Love’s Shadow, was given away for FREE on their Soundcloud page. With various collaborations featuring the likes of Alix Perez, Noah D, DJ Madd, Datsik, and Lynx, […]

Hi, Greg here. I’ve been throwing out some pieces and I realized that I haven’t told you anything about me. So, here goes. I’ve been an avid electronic music fan since about 2000. Over the years, I have expanded to bass music and some techno, but have always consistently loved drum and bass. Many years […]

Hi, Greg here. I’m new to the site, and have my first real post coming soon, but wanted to share this new mini-mix. Reso put this together promoting his new album Ricochet, released yesterday on Hospital. If you like complex drum patterns and well-done amens, you should check out the whole album.