Watching a crowd that is overcome by music can be a moving experience. Being part of that crowd can be downright intoxicating, but orchestrating that crowd – well that’s a whole ‘nother story. In 2001, that became the only goal for Sean Anderson, Brad Denton and David Brown, three party promoters and DJs from Dallas […]

I recently discovered a new set of mixes from Boiler Room titled Boiler Room Upfront. According to their website, Upfront is, “….a new audio mix series where we call upon the most interesting artists/DJs/record labels and ask them to peer into the near future. How they take it from there is entirely open to interpretation.” […]

Dirty Bird has released a compilation entitled Dirtybird BBQ. Dirtybird began throwing barbeques for their friends in Golden Gate Park some 13 years ago. This compilation is a homage to those parties and an attempt to share the bbq vibe with the rest of the world that couldn’t be in San Fransisco to experience it. […]

I was sitting in my chair when I first played Krissi B’s tune, “I want U”, that just came out on Kiosk. By the end of the song though, I was up dancing. This tune is ON POINT. And once the the 2-step garage remix started playing there was just no sitting down afterwards. In […]