Our Top Streaming Suggestions

It’s been a while since we’ve done a post as a collective so with that in mind, we wanted to share some of our top steam pics. This is really only scratching the surface because, lets face it, there are gobs and gobs of good streams nowadays. We may do another post in the future with more recommendations but for now this should get you guys going….

Nina’s Stream Pics


Maceo Plex for Beatport ReConnect

The memory of our pre- pandemic lives was still fresh and I think that is captured in the music in this set and in the energy put forth by the dancers. They submitted their moves and were chosen by Maceo Plex himself to be shown during the stream.  Check out Mr. Plex being transported across the world for Beatport Reconnect. Originally aired April 2020.

DJ Marky for Beatport ReConnect Drum and Bass

DJ Marky showed up and let everyone know what he’s all about on this superb live stream done in May 2020. The man can do no wrong; I absolutely love every second of this set. Brazil going strong!

Felix daHousecat Futurestream

I’ve caught a few (aka damn near all) live shows by Felix da Housecat on platform called Futurestream.tv. What I like best about these sets is that they are usually 3 to 4 hours long and I get to hear the wide range of Felix’s influences in a way that you can’t get in a club, due to set times being too short and dance floors being too finicky. The chat is great because people are chiming in and representing from all over the world. Upcoming show dates are posted on Felix’s socials There is one happening today, in fact, that you can check out here.

Anthony Rother Facebook Live

I have sat mesmerized on multiple occasions, watching this man pound out incredible jams over and over on from his stunning studio in Germany. Anthony Rother has been producing music for over 20 years and if you watch any of these streams you will understand why this is basically the epitome of perfecting one’s craft. Occasionally Mr. Rother busts out dance moves which lets you know he is actually a human, not just a machine that makes out of this world electro beats.

Texas Connection

The Inside Job

DJ System’s Wednesday night drum and bass weekly, The Inside Job, is just hella fun. He is a pro at djing and engaging with the fans. Guests include MC Astro and various Dallas locals who bring upfront drum and bass to the world. A spicy chat room is included at no charge. “Lets Go” is the theme.

Wig and Whiskey Wednesdays

Dallas artists James Kelley and Jennifer Kelley  (aka Littlz) work across state lines with Denver promoter Angie Cee to curate a sick lineup week after week showcasing a multitude of genres. They’ve had some 35+ episodes and are still going strong.  Fantastic headgear is encouraged for the journey (whiskey optional).

DJ Titan Monday Nights

DJ Titan ‘s Monday night show on Twitch is my latest cure for the Monday blues – and it works! Drum and bass is on the menu along with an iconic background straight from the world-famous Lizard Lounge where DJ Titan graced the decks on multiple occasions. The show pairs well with SNES and Sega Genesis.

Wes’ Streaming Picks


Guddah is a Leicester, UK based DJ, has already become one of the top DnB streamers on Twitch with his excellent mixing skills, novel and interactive Beats & Eats sessions (where he cooks full 7+ course meals while mixing) and his marathon mixes (24 & 30 hours so far). Pre-Rona he hosted a regular night in the area, but lost his passion for mixing until discovering Twitch. He took a chance on himself and purchased a Denon DJ Prime 4 mixing deck and hasn’t looked back since. He plays three times a week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday between 9am-1030 am CST (3/4pm GMT) with a Beats & Eats session on the last Saturday of the month. His next sesh will be a Caribbean menu on January 30th and he’s planning a 36 hour mix session in the coming months.

Chess Knight

Chess Knight is a Chicago-based DJ that, literally, plays a bit of everything during her weekly streams. Her Nowhere (moody music), Sub Mesh (dance oriented), Club Mesh (club tunes), and Classically Hornt (classical music) sessions attract thousands every week and offer a robust bit of flavor with solid mixing and fun chat interactions. You might hear her intro with some Run The Jewels and finish up with The Smiths in a single stream as she often takes requests from viewers. IF gaming is more your speed, she does play a bit of World of Warcraft and other fighting games from time to time.

Doc Scott

The man, the myth, the legend – Doc Scott doesn’t need a treatise written about his life as a DJ. He began the DnBVID-19 sessions as a way to play new music since clubs around the world have shut down. If you want to hear the most upfront, future music then Doc is the one stream you should tune into every week. If you’re in the Central time zone (CST) then he drops the needle at 2pm on Saturdays (8PM GMT).

Texas Connection


Longtime Texas drum & bass head, Curly, has started her own DnB Q&A featuring her conversations with other Twitch DJs and personalities. She only just started a few months ago, but she’s rapidly gaining a following by asking interesting and insightful questions to her guests. She even interviewed me a few weeks ago! She regularly streams on Tuesday nights at 7pm CST and an early Saturday morning general chat on Saturday’s at 7am.

My Favorite Defunct Stream HE’S BACKKKKK!!!!!

El Hornet

El Hornet, of Pendulum fame, had one of the best music streams on Twitch for several months before he pulled the plug after moving to Perth, Australia. His twice weekly stream made my Tuesdays and Thursday mornings bearable and I really miss his chats with about music and stories from the days pre-Rona. Even though the stream is now dead, he archived the shows as a podcast, as The Hornet’s Nest, on Spotify and you can listen back to them easily. **Editor’s note: El Hornet just started streaming intermittently during the week.**

Katalyst’s Streaming Picks

Pacific Dnb

Pacific is an artist based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and has been an active part of the North America scene for quite some time. He has had releases on Nightfall, OnSet Audio, and DSCI4 to name a few. I found his stream after the aforementioned Inside Job did a raid and I became a fan instantly. He plays a deeper cut of DNB that I find lacking that cuts closer to the likes of Certificate 18 and the more “golden” era deep cuts of neurofunk. Nothing is off the table as he does a great job of utilizing solid dynamics in his sets to take the vibes up and down to keep your interest in the story being told.


I have a deep appreciation for classic soul, rnb, rare funk, and the like, long before I got into production, djing, and especially Drum and Bass . Dj Epik does about 4 shows covering these sounds over the course of 3-4 hour sets that relax me post work or wanting to enjoy something outside of the electronic music realm. We are taking a journey through major label offshoots and players/artists who were behind some of the biggest hits soul/pop/rock gave the world. Its a treat. The crowd is definitely schooled on the selections and you can learn a thing or two about the artists and music. I have also discovered the deep cuts that had me digging myself to procure tracks for my own collection. Epik is great and loves to talk up the music as well and its great place to chat amongst listeners. The music is second to none.

Katalyst Honorable Mentions – ( Just got into catching them recently)

Juiced Drum and Bass

I have caught several episodes and each had guests from all over and has had some amazing sets being played. Looking forward to future episodes.

Seattle DNB Tuesdays

Due to being on the opposite coast and work, I haven’t got to dig into this one too much but the few sets I have caught were fantastic and these guys have been in the game a long time. Pyxel Pusher does a bang up job on visuals as well.

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