The Hornet’s Nest – Sunday GLR/LGR Sermon

Since isolation started back in March, I’ve become quite the Twitch consumer and it’s, honestly, one of the best things about this time. I initially dismissed it as people watching other people play videogames, but since DJs and producers have co-opted the platform to share streams it’s now my daily go-to entertainment. Every week, like clockwork, I make sure to tune into El Hornet’s Hornet Nest stream. There’s a tremendous group of regulars that help foster a burgeoning little community and make my morning’s tolerable.

You might know Mr. El Horny from some drum & bass act called Pendulum or something, but even if you don’t, his stream is worth checking out. This last Sunday he did a deep dive into the Good Looking/Looking Good selection for the Hornet’s Nest and while I was gutted I didn’t get to experience it live, he’s put it up as a podcast for future enjoyment.

Big up the Bush Pig Massive.

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