Trace – Raise EP – CNVX

Duncan Hutchison, aka DJ Trace, has had a long, storied, and influential career in drum & bass. His contributions place him in the upper echelon of drum & bass genre defining personalities for the creation of seminal tracks and work dating back more than 30 years.

Trace’s golden age was the 99-04 window where he, Bad Company, Ed Rush & Optical, and others re-defined the genre with a slew of seminal releases. In recent years, he’s been relatively quiet with a sporadic release schedule on his label DSCI4 and some techno dabbling, but he still retains the talent that’s carried the techstep sub-genre of drum & bass forward for all these years.

His newest release, the Raise EP, is a four tracker that hops into the way-back machine to channel that early millennium neuro sound. Raise is dropping on CNVX, Kid Drama’s label, and is really a collaborative effort between Trace and Kid Drama and Survey. It absolutely brings the heat. The titular track, Raise, features that prototypical neuro swing with Trace’s signature tech drone that tickles my nostalgia bone. Detroit features the aforementioned techno influences of Trace and Germany’s Survey. Timps, a piece done with Kid Drama, drops a quick “It’s like, okay…” sample into a throaty drone buzz. The sub bass on it keeps it chugging. Finally, The Dreamer has an airier, wispier feel on the one but smashes you down after the drop with a sonic reminiscence of Trace’s Mutant Revisited.

Hear it for yourself via this quick clip from Instagram then head over to the CNVX Bandcamp Page to pre-order your digital copy. Full release is the 14th of August.

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