My 2020 Quarantine Music Purchase Playlists

I have an expansive digital music library that was in absolute shambles thanks to iTunes metadata fuckery over the years. When the isolation period began in Texas I resolved that I’d use my free time to fix it file by file, folder by folder, and label by label so that it was accurate and correct. While in the middle of that I started to make notes about which releases I was missing from my library and began the process of filling those gaps. Thankfully this is much easier now that labels are putting a lot of their discographies on Bandcamp, Databeats, or even Amazon in a pinch.

Coincidentally, just a week before the lockdown began, a friend gifted a couple of old Technics decks to me. I quickly grew tired of my meager record collection and started hunting for records I used to own while also digging for new stuff. That’s when I discovered Amoeba Music’s YouTube show, What’s In My Bag. It showcases musicians digging through Amoeba’s huge record store and talking about their picks. It has been really inspirational and helped me find so much new music that I never would’ve bothered with before. Now I’m in the middle of a massive gang bang of music metadata editing, discovery, and digital/vinyl purchasing.

As such, I decided to create two Spotify playlists to highlight those buys. Part one focuses 100% on drum & bass; mainly because I went absolutely ham on Metalheadz, Critical Music, 31 Recordings, Shogun and Dispatch. Producer wise, artists like Break, Benny L, Serum, and Pola & Bryson really tickled my fancy so I went heavy there too.

Part two is just a weird melange of everything else. That means shoegaze indie rock, americana country, old hip hop, classic industrial and death metal made the list. Some of the stuff I’ve previously owned in different formats and some of it’s brand new. It’s eclectic and doesn’t always fit together cohesively, but it works for me.

Sections of this project have been tedious (some of you labels need to fix up your catalog numbering!) but the accumulation of new and interesting music has made the isolation period so much more tolerable and helps me feel reasonably productive.

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