5 Quick Questions with Break and Kyo

Break and Kyo, the two minds behind Symmetry Recordings, were kind enough to answer some of my questions ahead of their latest release SYMM031 – The Edge Of Time / City Slickers (Workforce/Skeptical Remixes).

As an aside…this might be a first in Symmetry Recordings’ discography; a release of just remixes. If that’s true, then there are probably not two better choices than Skeptical and Workforce (aka Jack Spectrasoul) to start a remix project.

What’s the selection process like for choosing which tracks to have remixed?

It’s a mixture of which tracks you feel a certain producer will be able to bring their magic to and create something fresh, also there are some you just don’t want touching, to keep the original as the version people remember most.

What made you choose to ask Skeptical and Workforce to go to work on City Slickers and Edge of Time, respectively?

Workforce was always a fan of the original of The Edge Of Time, and from knowing his music well and a working with him a lot, I knew he was the perfect person to take elements from the original such as the vocal and the pads and turn it into something more dancefloor without going too overboard. He brings experimental quirky touches to remixes that take them to a new place which we thought would be really exciting to hear. Skeptical has that midas touch, DLR and myself love his production, so we knew he could take those techy sounds from the original track, and roll them out in a more stripped back way, which is exactly what he did, and nailed it!

Is there a prior working relationship with those guys?

Yea I’ve done a lot of sessions with Spectrasoul and Workforce, and we chat a lot about studio stuff etc so there’s a lot of mutual respect and collaboration. I often do remix swaps with certain artists, so this was a perfect point to line up a few swaps. I’ve sadly not had the chance to actually get in the studio with Skeppy, we’re good mates and hang out a shows often, I’m a big fan of him as a DJ and producer, so it was a no brainer to get him involved.
How have you been keeping busy during lockdown/quarantine/social distancing time?

Well the studio is at home, so that’s been pretty easy to have access and keep working on music. Obviously it’s been weird not having gigs and playing tunes on a system, but that leaves more time for making beats which is never a bad thing for me.

What can we expect for the rest of 2020 and into 2021?

There are 4 more remixes still to come from this remix project, which are being pressed at the moment. I’ve got some other Break singles to drop this year, and I’m busy with other non DnB stuff set for release this year, so lots of plates spinning at the moment.

Click the FanLink to hear audio clips and to pre-order. https://fanlink.to/SYMM031

SYMM031 – The Edge Of Time / City Slickers (Workforce/Skeptical Remixes) is available for pre-order on the 28th of May, digital release is 12th of June, and the vinyl will be released on the 19th of June.

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