Let’s Help Out Our Music Buddies

With the arrival of Covid-19, the subsequent cancellation of all events around the world, and the social distancing practices; the Shadowboxing fam is going to try and help in whatever way we can. As such, I’ll be posting and tweeting links to Bandcamp pages, Soundcloud mixes, or music sales from your favorite producers and musicians over the coming days. If you have a new release or are offering a discount on purchases to try and stay afloat just fire the details to us via Twitter DM (@shadowboxing0) or from the email link on the main page (he ll o @ shadowb oxing . org)

Today I’ve already picked up Rockwell’s Isolation Ritual EP and I am going through and picking out some EPs and albums for 25% off at Critical Music that I missed. Now Halogenix is selling a bunch of old test presses and duplicat copies of vinyl he has on hand.

If you’re broke, but want to rekindle some memories of bygone days, JMJ & Richie posted a link to the Moving Shadow Storm From The East LP mix from 1996.


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