Kimyan Law – Yonda

Do you enjoy lush, cinematic soundscapes with a tinge of drum and bass? Do you like joyful, mind fucking ambiance that tickles the cerebrum? Do you like audio enlightenment? Well good news, Kimyan Law’s new album Yonda on Blu Mar Ten Music is for you.

I find Kimyan’s music to be masterful, but it might not be for everyone and that’s okay. I just love the depth and layers he creates by showcasing unusual elements. For instance, on Eclairage (from his first album), he used finger snaps and a xylophone to create audio sorcery that I jam when I need to cool out and relax. Yonda is no different with the milieu of noise in Byo to the subtle piano driver Jaardin to the classic jungle of Seven Ant Foley. Put on on a pair of good cans, close your eyes, and just absorb the sound.

You can buy it *now* directly from Blu Mar Ten Music by clicking HERE.

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