Dieselboy – Dance The Way I Feel

I’m not gonna waste a bunch of  words talking about Dieselboy’s new house music mix, when he can say them all himself (and sound better doing it). However I will say that this is a fun ass mix and I’m into it.

I built a career off of playing Drum and Bass. It is what I am known for. I’ve spent the last 28 years of my life trying to be the absolute best DJ I can possibly be. The best technician. A “DJ’s DJ”. During my life behind the decks I have experimented playing a wide array of musical styles – House, Techno, Trance, Breaks, Dubstep, Happy Hardcore, Gabber, you name it I have probably dabbled in it or even played an entire set of it over the years. And after all this time I can say that House music is as near and dear to my heart as Drum and Bass. I love the vibe and the groove and the egalitarian nature of it. It is music for the (party) people.

Back in April I decided that I wanted to showcase MY kind of House and started up a monthly event at Jupiter Disco in Brooklyn called “Dance The Way I Feel” with my friend Maks P. It is a fun night where I get to push tons of filtered disco house, tech house and techno (good vibes guaranteed!). This mix is a taste of some of what I play. It is unadulterated dancefloor DANCE music. It is a mix of tunes both old and new, specifically chosen for maximum impact.

On another note, this mix is an introduction to a new DJ persona thatI will be adding to my Dieselboy project. Look out for the name HALEN at fine venues everywhere. I am looking forward to bringing the heavily-layered 4 deck mixing style I’ve honed over the years into the realm of the House scene.


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