Is Kemal Back?

In what could, possibly,  be the biggest story in drum & bass circles is the apparent return of Kemal. If you’re relatively new to D&B, then you might not be aware of how big this is for the scene.

Kemal and his production partner, Rob Data, aka Konflict, smashed every dance in the late 90s and early 00s with absolutely monster tunes like Messiah, Bad Acid, the Maelstrom EP, and loads of others. There was a time in drum & bass where no self respecting DJ didn’t lead off or drop Messiah in a mix. That intro was beyond epic and the drop was mind altering.

Then in 2004, Kemal stepped away. According to the Konflict Wiki page, he “returned to his studies….and worked on music production with a arabesque world music group called Nomad’iqa.” You would occasionally hear of other DnB people having run-ins with Kemal and he was very adamant that he wouldn’t ever return to the music that made him famous (rumor has it that his feelings were influenced by his religious convictions).

Now, however, it’s 2019 and the mighty Kemal dropped a mix on 21st of August on Fantasy FM. I’ve definitely heard one unreleased tune, but there might be others that I’m not aware of, so this is worth your time.

There’s no streaming link, but you can download and play the mix on

Kemal – Live on FantasyFM 21-08-2019


  1. Tracklist:

    ASC – The Siren
    Benny L – Thunder Slap
    Noisia & The Upbeats – Shibuya Pet Store
    Xanadu – Save Yourself
    Bushi Ronin – The Untouchables
    Skeptical – Mechanism
    Ena – City Lights
    Ed Rush & Optical – Satellites
    Abstract Elements & Subwave – Post Human
    Kemal & Rob Data – The Mummy
    Enei- Modulate
    Ed Rush & Optical – Bacteria
    Adam F – Metropolis
    Kasra & Enei – So Real
    Kemal – Parabola
    The Prototypes – Rocket Guns Blazin’ (Chrissy Chris, Malux & Erb’n’Dub Remix)
    Kemal – Lost Souls


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