TOTD – Arqer and Realtime – Owl’s Kiss

The long running partnership of Houston, Tx’s own dynamic dnb duo of Arqer and Realtime have always been synonymous with quality tracks with their own unique flavor. Many do not know they are both percussion educators when not working on production and have released their debut album, “Crossroads” on Patrol the Skies Music this year which is a must have release.

I came across a new tune they released that just struck me and has been on repeat throughout my day that I had to share. The tune track is called Owl’s Kiss and it will immediately will strike those that are/were major fans of the long missed label Certificate 18. Polar is a name that will fill your mind upon first listen but it is a nod/vibe thing not a rip of the producer who has sadly retired from production. It just has that haunting but techy sound to it that grabs you in and you just enjoy the ride.

Owl’s Kiss is a delicate neuro roller that just combines a well balanced mix of classic deep neurofunk b-lines and grooved out percussion. Subtle melodic sounds teasing in with call and answer stabs moving like a panther stalking. An absolute killer of a tune to arrive from this duo still keeping true to making their own sound work.


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