Beats & Pieces – Millbrook – Rituals/Beyond

It’s been awhile since I felt strongly enough about a release to do a lil Beats and Pieces work, but for this release on Viper I’m willing to dust off my keyboard and thesaurus.  Rituals/Beyond, by relative Viper new-comer Millbrook (along with Odure & Disprove on Beyond) has tickled my ear holes.

The first “A” side, Rituals, was recently featured on Rene LaVice’s BBC Radio 1 show. As Rene notes during his intro, it’s got a nice rolling vibe. It accomplishes this rolling affect without being repetitive and the heady pitch changes keep things interesting. The track builds at a solid pace and has a goosebump-inducing drop with a big, pitched up bassline that scoots in time with the track.

Beyond is a collab between Millbrook, Disprove, and Ordure that has a catchy, steady build with a funky, sweeping break into a half-time smasher. It’s a floor shaker as soon as it drops, but my favorite part of the track is that second drop where they add in another synth layer that pushes it well.

You can purchase or stream Millbrook – Rituals/Beyond HERE.

I also had the opportunity to ask Millbrook for his top five drum & bass and non-drum & bass influences and he was kind enough to fire them over.

Top Five Drum & Bass Influences:


You can just tell that this guy is a real musician. A beast in the studio, original melodies and sound design and a great guitar player too… what a guy! And then there’s ‘Come Together’… what else do I need to say??

Camo & Krooked:

Tracks like LOA show me once again how innovative you can be with dnb and remind me to keep thinking outside the box and take risks every now and then. Immense technical and creative achievement on their part!

The Worship Artists:

Their tracks always teleport me right onto the dancefloor, such good vibes!! Basically all of the Worship artists are killing it right now. They all have a very strong sound and look when it comes to their social media promotion.


Both Camo & Krooked and Mefjus are big inspirations both creatively but also technically. You can always grab one of their tracks as a perfect reference track in your project!


His music is just … different. It has a very unique vibe to it and so does his artwork on all of his releases.

Seriously Looking forward to his forthcoming album!

(**Editor’s Note: Thanks to Millbrook, I am now also looking forward to Bensley’s album! – Wes)

My top 5 non-DNB influences:


This guy will just always be one of my biggest inspirations. His catalogue is so huge it’s just insane. He has many different aliases and is not at all afraid to take a risk and try new stuff with whatever artist he is feeling at the moment. Insane DJ sets as well!


His tracks always take me back and give me this unique melancholic feeling when I’m looking for it. Amazing Music.

Random Spotify playlists:

What I often do is chose random Spotify playlists to listen to while I’m in the gym. Sometimes you find that one track or artist who inspires you for the next big track you never know!


Since I moved to Berlin 3 years ago, Techno has been a big part of my life. You just hear it everywhere and there is many great tunes to be inspired by! Long buildups and always great analog melodies. One of my best mates is a great DJ and often shares DJ mixes on Soundcloud that inspire me quite alot too! It’s a good contrast to dnb sometimes…


I try to listen to the radio most of the time and not try to listen to specific music i chose. This way I get the most versatile Input I can and (hopefully) don’t end up sounding like everyone else in dnb. There is something to take away from every music genre out there.


Many thanks to Millbrook and the Viper crew for sharing their music.

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