A-Sides & Fats – Live @ Sun & Bass 2018 – La Cinta Beach

So, I went to Sun and Bass this year. I’ve wanted to go for a decade, but have never had the time or means. It was pretty life altering, to be honest. I haven’t felt that connected to drum & bass in a few years and that’s lead to a significant decrease in my desire to even blog about it. However, being in a beautiful location like San Teodoro, Sardinia with someone I love and surrounded by people my own age enjoying it the same way was very magical.

I thought I’d recapture that magic last year with my trip to London, but the events I attended turned out to be more disheartening than enlightening (especially Run @ Motion in Bristol).

Anyway, here is a set I missed live (thanks to a banging hangover) but one I wanted to share. This is A-Sides, Fats, and Cleveland Watkiss on La Cinta Beach. The funny thing about this set is that A-Sides only got one deck to work and was using the instant double feature to mix with…that’s seriously impressive. Also, it appears Cleveland’s mic didn’t make the recording so it’s really just Fats and A-Sides holding it down.

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