Blocks & Escher – Something Blue – Metalheadz


I apologize for my lengthy delay in posting on the beloved SB. Much has happened in my life that has been major and have finally found some ground to get myself back into the mode to provide great links and information for you all. I write this while listening to the Blocks & Escher full length on the seminal Metalheadz, “Something Blue.” I have been waiting for what seemed like an eternity for this album to come out, and it was well worth the wait. I am a massive fan of their Narratives label and heard the resurrection of Source Direct’s intensity and energy on the monstrous “Moods/Razor” released on ‘Headz a few years back. I knew upon hearing them taking time off to work on a full length for Headz, it was going to be worth it.

I know the release has been out for a few weeks but this album has struck a chord that few albums do in drum and bass recently for me. This album strikes a chord like label stalwart Goldie in being able to let the music breathe and to create an atmosphere to allow the musical idea to flourish. The album calls upon the style and sound of the late 90’s/early 00’s rise of techstep, neurofunk, and hints of the brilliant originality of the sorely missed Certificate 18. I am a fan of that era and period in which experimentation was not frowned upon and perfection was not necessary for frequency and engineering. The vibe and flow of the music was what was important. The album fits on the dance floor with cuts like “Breaking The Waves” and the sampler cut “Something Borrowed, Something Blue” which is my favorite as of this writing. It also is fantastic to sit in a chair at home, relax, and let “One Touch” or “Wings” immerse you in a sea of syncopated funky drums amidst an alternate reality of atmosphere and imagination.

I am going to say that if you expected to just hear dance floor bangers, this is not that album. It is a full length masterpiece that pays homage to some creative essences of drum and bass lost except for a few reframing its influence on them to present day. This record is special.

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