Love At First Listen – Furney – Farewell to Ell

Some nights you just have to push aside any logical sense of adult responsibility & stay up way past your bedtime to beat that level in Candy Crush &/or finish binge-watching your favorite newly discovered TV show. This inevitably leads to very sleepy mornings full of caffeine & regret, and you may even find yourself questioning the validity of your foolish life-choices (or is it just me?).

Perhaps I’m being a bit melodramatic – but nevertheless – I’m fucking tired, Y’all, & no amount of Red Bull has been able to do the trick…

What I have, however, found to be much more effective is this handful of gorgeous goodies from ‘Farewell to Ell’ – a 4 track EP courtesy of none other than UK producer & liquid D&B boss, Furney (AKA James Fearnside). In the blink of an eye, I went from bemoaning the fact that I have to be an adult today to an audible barrage of OOHs & SAY WHAAAATs, followed by a full-on parking-garage-bounce-fest to boot. Gotta love the power of music!

Slated for release October 13 on Liquid V, this will mark Furney’s first release on the label after 8 long years, and clearly not much has changed. Brimming with impassioned & thoughtfully arranged rollers – ‘Farewell to Ell’ encompasses everything you’ve come to expect from the man & is sure to keep your head bobbing from start to finish.

Available for Pre-Order now on Liquid V !

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