Mark System – Break Glass EP – Exit Recordings UK

Mark System drops a beast EP on Exit Recordings entitled “Break Glass.”

From the EP’s self titled opener to the digital bonus track, “That Freestyle” System rolls out some sweet funk steppers that are a sweet tilt to classic tech step type rollers that came out in the early 00’s. “600 k” has some cool Sega type synths moving the track along a rolling break.

My 2 favorite tracks are “Dissolve” and the bonus “That Freestyle.” Absolutely mental marchers for the heads. Mark System is one of my go to producers when pulling for a gig because he has the ability call upon that Doc Scott school of production, making stripped down arrangements scream musically at you enveloping your ears. The album he previously did on Exit was just dripping with vibes. “That Freestyle” takes early Headz’ and Hardware vibes and “Dissolve” takes me back to that Audio Blueprint sound. “Obnox” is just a dance floor destroying beast and again calls on that classic tech step arrangement and vibe. LOVE IT.



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