One From the Archives – Kidnap Kid – Lazarus Taxon

You know how there are those tunes that just seem to stick with you, somehow managing to endure the ever-changing aural landscape & inevitable evolution of your musical palate?? This is one of mine…

Back when ‘Future Bass’ was still finding its legs, Kidnap Kid’s Lazarus Taxon was once my most listened to track on SoundCloud & still evokes the same irresistible urge to shimmy as it did so many moons ago. Much like the rest of the London-based producer’s catalog – this sexy dancefloor shuffler is creative, emotive, & downright addicting.

These days find Kidnap Kid nurturing his record label, Birds That Fly Records, and collaborating with Anjunadeep heavyweight, Lane 8; and while the tone of his latest production efforts may seem to have shifted from his grittier, genre-bending, freshman days at Squelch & Clap to a more progressive sound – rest assured – his music is still just as melodic & original as ever.

Follow Kidnap Kid on SoundCloud, or catch up with him tonight alongside the Kinda Super Disco boys at Boondocks in Houston. Tickets available HERE.

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