Viper Recordings – Summer Slammers 2017

Summer’s finally here, y’all! Time to bust out the swimsuit, hit the pool, & dive into another edition of Viper Recordings’ ‘Drum & Bass Summer Slammers’!

Though the 8th installment of this annual compilation is chock-full of selections sure to please fans craving Viper’s signature style of in-your-face, bass heavy anthems, I tend to gravitate toward the more subtle, deeper side of drum & bass, so I was excited to come across a handful of gentler rollers that fit my vibe.

Notable favorites include Hillsdom’s ‘Thoughtless’ – a moody, techy, cut peppered with slick drum loops & just enough soul to keep it light; Pushin’ (Toronto is Broken), another edgy little banger with menacing drops & filtered sub-bass skillfully weaved throughout; ‘Make Me Stronger’ (Murdock feat. Jenna G) – a hands-in-the-air type tune on which Jenna G’s powerful vocals effortlessly keep pace with the catchy synths & energetic rhythm; & coming in at the top of my list, ‘Stoned Love’ – courtesy of Dossa & Locuzzed, this lovely stepper feels inspired & breezy, with an infectious, skipping bassline that lends a bit of swing to the groove (& these hips!).

Pre-order here!

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