RIP Squirt DJ

Squirt, aka Aaron Wilkerson, was one of Dallas’ original junglists and one of the founding members of the 32 Degrees jungle crew (that I later joined) and was a huge influence on drum & bass culture in Dallas. Unfortunately he passed away on the 1st of April after a short illness.

Squirt was talented, hilarious, and very well-liked across all of Dallas’ music scenes. He was also a prolific mixtape producer who, at one time I believe, had 11 tapes floating around in the late 90s. I feel like a week didn’t go by without a new tape in my pocket. Which I always appreciated and made him a household name in our town. He wasn’t only into drum & bass though. He was a skilled turntablist and a well established hip-hop DJ that toured regularly with numerous acts. He did everything, from mixing to living, at a frenetic pace that befit his personality and we miss him dearly.

We’re sharing these mixes because want the world to know how important he was to everyone in Dallas.

RIP Squirt!

There’s a GoFundMe page being setup to help his family pay for burial expenses. If you have it, please consider donating. CLICK HERE.


  1. Thank you so much for this gift…. A sad sad moment for the local movement! Celebrate in dance & the adorned bass face!!!


  2. This is heart crushing. Aaron was not only a friend but a complete inspiration. I am just sick to my stomach.


  3. A TRUE Dallas jungle rebel DJ! I used to crank his old school mixtapes in my car almost 20 years ago now. I also remember watching him playing sets in the middle of nowhere. A forefather to the Dallas drum’n’bass scene. RIP indeed to great person. All lighters in the air for this man!


  4. Super fresh article for one of the most amazing DJ’s to ever spin in Dtown.. sorely missed for many years already.. Rest In Paradise


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