Some Dallas Drum & Bass History

I was invited to join a Facebook group called Dallas Electronic recently. People are posting flyers to their first raves and parties dating back 20+ years, including some of my own events as both 32 Degrees and Covert Operations. While I was on that nostalgia tip, I decided to re-upload some old recordings of the DJs we had come through for us.

Ed Rush & Optical w/ MC RymeTyme – Live @ Decibel – Dallas, TX 07.10.1999

DJ Loxy & MC Rage – Live @ Runninz, Bronco Bowl – Dallas, TX 03.25.2000

DJ Trace – Live @ Operation Epsilon, Trees – Dallas, TX 2002

Andy C – Live @ Gypsy Tea Room – Dallas, TX – 03.20.2003

Kemal – Live @ Critical 2001, Trees – Dallas, TX 12.19.2001

Dom & Rob – Moving Shadow Tour – Dallas, TX – 11.04.2000

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