Dead Man’s Chest – Trilogy Dubs

Dead Man’s Chest (aka Eveson) is dropping an actual mixtape! And by mixtape I don’t mean collection of poorly thrown together rap tracks on a CD that some dude tries to sell you for $10 on the subway. No, this is an actual cassette tape! A real, old school, reel-to-reel-need-a-tapedeck tape! Did I mention it’s badass?! It features 18 total tracks that cover his already-released DMC material and 6 forthcoming dubplates.

“Presented as two sides of a tape, the producer hopes to recapture the authentic listening experience of the humble mixtape, that for Eveson (like so many others too young to attend the raves but fascinated by the culture) acted as a portal directly into the beating heart of underground music, a world soundtracked by machine gun breaks, thunderous subs and schizophrenic samples, further abstracted by the DJs blends and muffled hiss of a tape.”

Dead Man’s Chest comes cross with 6 brand new tracks released, which will be released on 3 x 10″ vinyls + the mixtape cassette including all the EPs released so far on Ingredients Records.

You can get a taste just below before its release on February 10th.

Click HERE and HERE to pre-order.

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