Two More DRS Videos

Last week I shared DRS’ new video with Utah Jazz called Sin from his brand new EP, I Will, on Soul:R. This week, DRS has dropped a video for two more of the tunes on the EP and they’re all popping.

First up is another amazing collab with the Belfast don Calibre, called This Ain’t Love. A stand-up bass infused roller that features DRS dancing in a ruddy looking swamp. It’s an interesting juxtaposition with an upbeat tune and a bleak, fog ridden bog.

Next is DRS with Patife and Vangeliez with more melancholy feel of a pensive DRS pondering life’s issues while a parrot puppet keeps him company. Yea, go ahead and read that last sentence again. I’ll wait…

I would imagine that DRS’ collaboration with Skittles and Greg Larkin, Your Name, will also get a video release this week or next. As soon as it does, expect to see it here too.

You can pick up the digital version of the EP at Soul:R’s Bandcamp page.


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