Beats and Pieces Volume 2 2017

Alright, we are now kicking into 2017 full throttle so lets just get into it shall we?

DRS – I Will – Soul:R


4 Track EP.


Awesome video for the track Sin done with Utah Jazz.

Oh did I say this was DRS? Yeah, I did. Excellent release. Skittles bringing it on “Your Name.”

One more time. DRS. Soul:R imprint.


Hydro, War, and Mateba – Clair Obscur / Nostalgia – Warm Communications

Warm Communications continues to be a buy on sight label with the first release of the year for them with a scorcher of a 12″. Both sides are for prime time goodness on the dance floor and take me back to the vibes of Polar on Cert 18 and early Subtitles. Extravagant sounds with Nostalgia really taking me places with the atmosphere creating a lush landscape of sound. Super good follow up to the Phase EP released last year that was in heavy rotation for us at Shadowboxing HQ.

Alia Fresco – Alia Fresco EP – CNVX

Release of the year so far for me.

Stunning EP produced by Kid Drama featuring vocalist Alia Fresco. A four track EP that had me entranced from start to finish and left me wanting so much more music, like an album’s worth. For fans of Heartdrive and Autonomic, this is for you. If you are new to this sound and vibe, there is no better introduction to it.

I can’t say this enough. BUY IT.

Phil Tangent / Pennygiles – Bardarbunga / Crossing The Rubicon – Metalheadz Platinum

Phil Tangent touches down on Metalheadz Platinum with Bardarbunga b/w Crossing The Rubicon featuring Pennygiles. I leaned towards the depth and scope of Crossing The Rubicon more than the A side but it is still a great release for the start of the year on the Headz’ Platinum imprint.

DJ Monk – Past Present Future LP – KLP Records

Dj Monk of AWOL and HelterSkelter fame launches an album of remixes of some of his most well known tracks and releases. Serum, Ray Keith, and Vapour rework many Jungle classics. A definite touch into the classic ragga and jungle sound updated to modern stylings.

Need For Mirrors & Phil Tangent – Shifting Tones EP – C.I.A.

The 5 track EP done by Need For Mirrors and the busy Phil Tangent is an excellent addition to the Deep Kuts line on Total Science’s C.I.A. imprint. The sublime and subtle vibes established on “Polaroid” to the robotic rhythm of the closing track, “Residue,” this release is ace. Fans of Exit, Calibre, Warm Communications will really like this.

Benny Page – Champagne Bubblers EP – Dub Shotta

Benny Page has just unleashed a straight assault of dance floor bangerz launching his new Dub Shotta label. Jump up madness that is just frenetic and full of energy, this is a great kick off to the label. Benny’s production has always been so good and his time at Digital Soundboy shows some of the label boss Shy FX’s sensibilities. This EP is going to get the floors moving every time. I love the whole EP, but “Kil Sound” grabbed me with that funky interplay of the bass and sub lines and closer “Pon The Body.”

Various Artists – Edition #2 – Drum and Bass Express

Online label Drum and Bass Express has released the second edition of their Express Edition series. A solid 4 track release including a release from noisemakers of the moment Dawn Raid and HLZ, who has done some solid music on Warm Commuincations.

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