An Ode to The Dillinger Escape Plan

My absolute favorite hardcore band (or post-hardcore/grindcore/mathcore) of all time, The Dillinger Escape Plan, are hanging up their strings after six albums, multiple EP releases, and nearly 20 years of fucking shit up.

After I moved back to Texas in 2002, I was feeling especially disheartened by the drum & bass scene. Since I originally got into dance music through heavy metal and industrial music, I started to explore those genres again. My roommate, Noah, turned me onto the Dillinger Escape Plan thanks to their cover of Aphex Twin’s Come To Daddy.

After listening to the cover over and over I hunted down their debut album, Calculating Infinity. It includes one of my favorite DEP tunes, 43% Burnt. Which, incidentally, they used to locate a new lead singer when Dmitri Minakakis left the band.

The timing of this is odd, but needing a singer for Irony Is A Dead Scene they hired Mike Patton (of Faith No More & Mr. Bungle) to provide the vocals. The delay between that release and the hiring of Greg Puciato was nearly a year. So technically Greg Puciato was already the lead singer before Mike Patton’s work on Irony Is A Dead Scene ever saw the light of day.

The first full fledged album featuring Greg Puciato was 2004’s Miss Machine. Fun fact…Greg Puciato once shit in a bag on stage and threw it into the crowd at the UK’s Reading Festival. Sunshine The Werewolf is my favorite on this album. I even used it as walk-up music when I played softball.

Right around this I re-discovered my love for drum & bass and house music, so I was falling out of touch with metal and hardcore. All these albums were still in regular rotation, but after DEP’s last release on Relapse Records Ire Works, I stopped following them very closely.

The band is called it quits in 2016, after the release of Disassociation, citing their age and inability to “fuck shit up” appropriately.

You can read all about their reasoning right here at [H/T to Chris for the link via Facebook]

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