Current Value – AirShift EP (Cyberfunk004)

My first experience with Current Value’s music was actually quite late on in his career, a friend of mine had shared a fan made video, combining some stunning animation, alongside a particularly aggressive, syncopated break.  Imagine Pearl Jam – Do the Evolution on steroids and you get something like this.

Since then, our paths have crossed several times, each time the thing that has struck me is the rawness of the tracks, providing the listener with an experience that is particularly unique within Drum and Bass.  When I picked up this latest EP on Cyberfunk I expected to be met by a similar drum centric production.  While retaining the darker sounding side of the genre, this release goes a long way to show the evolution of a talented artist.  It is a very well produced, polished record.

Kicking off the first track Falsify, a sound that took me back to the old Prototype recordings vibe, with Matrix and Ed Rush sounding synths running havoc over a well laid out break and bass combo.

Next up, Espace, a clockwork like kick builds up steadily but somewhat ominously, once the drop hits, the track maintains symmetry while being loaded up with distortion, this isn’t one for the faint hearted as it drags you through an assault on the aural senses.

The title track Airshift, starts with a nightmarish synth twinned with a evolving break.  This continues for a brief time before the bassline comes in, this is a real tour de force, it sits nicely on the break growling along, throw in some equally eerie effects and you have a track that is akin to something Noisia would play for Halloween.  It’s a well put together track and i’d love to hear it on a big club audio rig (although I might ask to keep the lights on during the experience).

Finally, MatchFit.  This has a real militant feel to the break, nicely driving you through the track.  Matched up with an equal helping of bass and effects, this track has a very catchy rhythm to it and is bound to get you tapping along.



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