Anile – The Mix UKF Didn’t Want

My son usually gets me up around 5am local time, so my ritual is to immediately hop on Twitterk, get caught up on events, and allow my brain to start cranking. This morning’s tweet session was most fortuitous for myself and the blog…

I immediately saw some terse tweets from one of our favorite producers/DJs, Anile, taking aim at a specific big britches blog. It seems they rejected his exclusive mix because it didn’t have a damned tracklist.

Being the enterprising young man that I am, I immediately volunteered to host the mix that UKF wouldn’t!

I’m always stoked to post anything from Anile anyway, much less an hour long mix chock full of brand new, unreleased tracks regardless of a tracklist. Thanks UKF for having unnecessary content submission rules!

BTW, Anile is playing in Sofia, Bulgaria on the 2nd of December and at MedSchool in Moscow on the 9th. Get out there and see him if you have a chance.


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