Kimyan Law – Zawadi

Music seems to find me when things are swirling around me and I need it most. Such is the case when Kimyan Law’s new LP, Zawadi, arrived last week.

I have no idea what allows a 21 year old Congolese-Austrian to tap into the emotions of a late-30s white male in Texas, but he’s done it. I’ve listened to Zawadi dozens of times since its arrival. After each listen I’ve found something new to love and appreciate. It has made me emotional, soothed my anxiety about the world, and offered a small measure of peace in turbulent times. I realize my praise will come off as hyperbolic, but it’s really not. Kimyan Law’s music has touched me.

Long story short, the album is spectacular.

Kimyan Law – Zawadi – Blu Mar Ten Music – AVAILABLE NOW

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