A Throwback to Kryptic Minds

I’ve had this song stuck in my head for a few weeks, now. And in an effort to find it, I stumbled upon an old Therapy Sessions set which led me to an old Kryptic Minds drum and bass set from 2004.

Man, I love these journeys: how a search for one thing can lead you down a different path and remind you of something equally as amazing. 

They are more known for their dubstep albums now, but before those, they created some dark dnb and often inserted creepy samples. One track that I found was a collaboration between them and Dylan: Suicide Note. I’ve always loved these tracks because they send chills up my spine. I feel like I’m trapped in a closet and there’s someone in the house with me. I’m desperately calling emergency services and, as if in a dream, the words don’t come out right and I’m not getting my point across. It’s that creepy. This is the kind of darkness that if you were a metal fan back in high school this is the kind of drum and bass that you might enjoy. It’s dark. It’s heavy. It’s aggressive and in-your-face. And I absolutely love it.

What sets this type of track apart is how the breaks are cleverly arranged between the onslaught of bass. There’s something about they way they do it that keeps the track interesting and prevents you from getting bored throughout.

I never found my ear-worm, but it was fun to take a walk down memory lane. Take a listen and see what kind of memories it drums up for you.

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  1. !00% in agreement with this, one of the most underrated duos. A firm favourite of mine since I first stumbled across their work. Kept saying to myself about recording a mix of their stuff.


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