The big ole breakbeak post

EDIT – So I actually started this post a few weeks back but I kept putting off posting because I kept finding more and more things to include.  I finally just decided I had to come to a stopping point some how or else this post was going to be 7 pages long!

I’ve been diving back into an old favorite genre lately – breaks AKA breakbeats. Thanks to a promoter/dj/all around badass right here in Dallas, Left/Right,  aka Chris Lund,my ears have been drawn into the sound after years of  not paying much attention to it (stupid). But timing is everything and right now things are poppin’ off with this genre and I continue to find new tracks and mixes I like daily.

I posted earlier about this Nest HQ Stanton Warriors mix.  Not too long after that, this other live mix from Glastonbury with Stanton Warriors and Plump DJs came out. I’m not quite sure when it will happen but that right there, ladies and gentlemen, is the soundtrack for my upcoming mid-life crisis. Its got everything I need – a bunch of badass tracks,  all the right kinds of change ups exactly when I need them and tons of BASS.  There’s also a healthy amount of throwbacks, which I’m not sure you would find in a set geared towards American listeners because a lot of them just wouldn’t get it.  (Sorry ‘Merica!)

Another Dallas artist who is also carving out his own spot in this scene is The Feels.  Check out his tune, Dominator.

His Punkscast mix is another one I can’t stop listening to. The opening tune is a killer remix of the rave classic, Set U Free by Planet Soul.  But The Feels is a far cry from being a newcomer to production. I won’t give away his identity here but it was a cool thing to go through all of his music/mixes, not knowing who he was. And then come to realize – I’ve known this person nearly 20 years.

And here’s some other key releases which I think are pretty dope.

Broken Music Syndicate put out their first official release with huge praises across the board. The Trust EP features London’s Barely Royal, Bunnie and Mij Mack The title track features a lush female vocal backed by body jackin’ breakbeats and deep bass sound that you can’t help but succumb to. A few remixes of Trust by Sugar n’ Shake, Negativ and Midnight Phulin are also included.

I’m also digging DJ Icey’s remix of Ill DJ Chris B’s Hundo Steeze, just released at the beginning of August on Tree Records. Tree Records is the sister label to Icey’s Zone Records.

Another one from DJ Icey that is really hot from earlier in the summer is Got a Lot, with sexy vocals from RaeAnn and classic sounding keys.  This track is everything I dig about breaks.

And finally be sure to check out Lies out on Punks Music.  This was produced by the ringmaster, Left/Right featuring vocalist jACQ.

Check the remixes by Aloka and Billy Kelly.  My personal favorite is the original though.

Okay so I think I’ve given you guys enough of this stuff for now but there’s more coming down the pipe for a future post.

In the meantime I wish you Happy Listening!

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