Ed Rush – Live in 98

I was digging through an old hard drive last night and came upon this mixtape that I ripped as part of my cassette mixing project from a few years ago.

Ed Rush – Live in 98 was a tape I picked up from a discount bin at a used CD store in Dallas. The tape cover was just a color copy of some flyer artwork with Ed’s name and the very generic title on it [h/t to LostTurntable.com for the pic]. However, the tape itself sounds spectacular and had some cash dumped into its overall production. Maybe they just ran out of money after they mastered the tape?

The mix is pure 1998 techstep featuring the biggest tunes of the day from Ram, Virus, No U-Turn, and Renegade Hardware. The only other thing I know about the recording is from listening to MC Lowqui shout out Leicester as the venue location. Beyond that, who knows where the mix is really from…

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