DJ Anonymous – Romanthony Tribute Mix

Finland’s DJ Anonymous has more than two decades of work behind the decks. He first came to my attention years ago thanks to his Suomi Soul series of soul and classic R&B mixes (which it looks like I need to re-upload). So while I was checking around for of his new material, I stumbled upon his Soundcloud page and saw he’d done a tribute mix to Romanthony following his death in 2013. As you can tell from the tracklist below it’s a really nice blend of Romanthony’s biggest house jams, like The Wanderer and Let Me Show You Love, all deftly mixed together by a real pro.

Let Me Show You Love
Testify #1
In The Mix (A Tribute To Tony Humphries)
Da Change
What $ Love
Bring U Up
Feel Like Dancing
Now You Want Me
The Wanderer
Let Me Show You Love
Hold On

Roman Anthony 1967-2013 R.I.P.

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