Kid Drama – Covering Ground EP – Exit

Kid Drama aka Convex has returned with a cold hard slice of mechanical funk on the fantastic new Covering Ground Ep on Exit. 

The opener Red Magic is stiff and rolling with staccato styled breaks and minimal pulsing atmospheric stabs. I am a big fan of this style as a DJ because you can really push the dynamics of a mix into different territory with tracks like this. Next up we dig deeper into the EP with Luv featuring Skeptical which is like a tune perfect to be put into a film by Michael Mann. The atmospherics and rolling step break are fantastic layered over subtle synth lines creating a smoke like wall of sound. The vocals are a nice touch to keep things interesting and progressive.
Wasted Time featuring Alia Fresco takes into that territory that everyone knows is that amazing Exit sound. Half time dismal bliss coupled with a nice vocal performance.
The EP closes out with the Consequence collaboration Shutter. The tune builds from a minimal break building into a nasty sub lead weaving and wavering around the break. A great release from Drama and the Exit crew so grab it.


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