Commix – Generation EP 1 – META036

I’ve been a fan of Commix since “Call to Mind” and some earlier bits, so was excited to see new stuff from him. Word on the street is that he’s taking a new angle on music production where he intends to focus less on samples and really get into designing the sounds he uses. After a few year hiatus, he steps back into the ring to release some highly sought after classics never before seen on vinyl, including my favorite of the EP, Painted Smile. You may recognize this one as a freebie he gave away last year, now available on vinyl. The SpectraSoul remix of Justified is my second pick: cool and crisp execution that does justice to the original. The title track is brand spankin’ new and according to the ‘Headz, it marks his “return to form.” I’m not sure what’s going on with the digital bonus Deepdubs, but it’s interesting enough and well done. Get the vinyl release when it’s hot on May 6th through the Metalheadz shop, but you may already be able to find it on streaming services.

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