Beats & Pieces Volume 1 2016 Edition

Hello all,

All of us at have been extremely busy as of late but fear not my friends. I have compiled our first B/P of the year and present it to you in all its magnificent glory. LOTS and LOTS of great music to check out, dance to, and be inspired by. I am going to cover the last few months

Various Artists-Mirror Universe Part 2

An absolute fantastic collection of music from Jade and company that continues to push the neuro/tech fueled sounds of drum and bass. I have been a fan of Eat Brain since I first got some white labels of their first releases. Lots of newer artists alongside scene favs like Mindscape, Optiv, and the label boss himself.Grab yourself a copy.

Codex’s “Danger Time” is a banger that has stayed in my rotation for a minute.

Also check out the Aggressor Bunx release too.

Hydro, Habstrakt, War, Mateba-A New Age / Hydro, Sam KDC, Modabke-Voyage Nocturne-Utopia Music

Sam Mako’s Utopia dropped another fantastic release. A fav here at SB HQ. I really digging the collaborations being done with Habstrakt.


Digital, YT, Solo Banton-Zion / Bad Bwoy Talk-Function Dubz

Digital’s release schedule so far for the year looks absolutely amazing. The music that he was blessing us with last year was just a taste of what is in store for this year. I am so glad to hear more drum and bass in this sound system/old school vibe. Its also DRUM AND BASS. NOT DRUM AND MIDRANGE.




Excellent EP from a duo compromised of a hidden pair of established dnb producers working together. The sound takes me back to feeling the early sounds/vibes from Hidden Agenda and Source Direct. Looking forward to hearing more. Air is especially that description of the HA/SD hybrid sound. A nice vocal setting the tone before the drop comes to rinse it out proper. A heater for sure! Hornsey Dub is another one I just had to get into the mix and let em have it.

ED:IT-If and Only If / Long Time-Deep Kut

Recent Shogun Audio signee ED:IT, has put out a few rollers on CIA’s Deep Kut label. The pair of tunes fit in nicely while you get yourself together and ready for a night out. Its got the early night setting the pace tone to it that I dig.

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