Module Eight – ‘Legacy’ LP | Exit Records UK

We live in an awesome time for drum and bass. And those of us that have been around for a while were lucky enough to witness the evolution. It seems like many of the pioneers who eventually split off from previous super groups are coming around to form new ones. Module Eight, a favorite of mine from 2015, comes from the Exit Records camp and represents some heavy weights that you might recognize. dBridge, Skeptical, Loxy, Resound and Kid Drama came together naturally, but never met all at once in the studio. Their debut album Legacy came to fruition by collaborations and file edits in a shared folder.

Spanning from dub, breaks, drum and bass, and all the while experimenting with some elements from various bassline music, they have created something great.

I have always liked the more broken beat-style of drum and bass and this album has plenty. As someone mentioned, this album is best listened to from start to finish, to get the full feeling of the musical journey. The first track sets you up for the experimental greatness that is Legacy.

My favorites are Monotype, OK With That, Dubplate and Seven Year Twitch, but the rest is pretty good, too.

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