Dallas Observer Mixtape #72 – Dionysos

Music aficionado and artist, Wanz Dover, has been doing a phenomenal job over the last year and a half to highlight the local Dallas dj scene.  By way of the Dallas Observer, he has promoted over 70 mixes of varying styles, all quality. Mind you, these are not “push play” djs. We’re talking about the real deal – actual beat matching, no handicaps – type stuff that mainstream media often ignores. So thanks to Wanz, these talented artists have an outlet to get solid exposure to an audience that may not hear them otherwise.

His latest interview and mixtape highlight is by a guy called Dionysos. Dionysos has been in the game since ’97 and is a true techno head by definition.  Back then he and another vinyl junky named Mad Wax were navigating the airwaves of University of Texas college radio, pushing all styles of electronic music.  Beyond that, Dionysos had quite the run as dj, promoter and label owner. You can read  the full interview and check out the new Dionysos mix here.  I was (pleasantly) surprised to hear a bit of house in this mix, which is not the typical fare from him. If I had been watching his mix on the DVR, it would have warranted a rewind for sure. Of course the main bulk of the mix is pure techno with superb track selection and great blending.

You can find more Dionysos mixtapes on the Sonic Convergence Soundcloud page including my all time favorite, Gammak Base.  For more Dallas Observer Mixtapes curated by Wanz Dover, head on over to The Observer.


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