Lenzman – Golden Age EP (Metalheadz)

Lenzman - Golden Age Lenzman Wall (photograph by Frank Warmenhoven)

Following on from a solid 2015, with multiple chart topping releases, Metalheadz starts the new year with an EP from Lenzman.  Hailing from Holland, Lenzman has found a home among the ‘Headz stable with a majority of his tracks emerging through the seminal label.

Looking at the Stars‘ was the last release we saw from Lenzman, back in 2014.  His latest offering is a four piece EP (with two bonus tracks available via the digital version).  For those not familiar with any of his previous output, he has a very smooth, soulful sound that shows the artistry and values of a very skilled producer.  A large number of his tracks feature talented vocalists, with this EP proving no different.

We kick things off with ‘Got My Mind Up‘ a simple yet effective break, layered with piano chords provide a very atmospheric track.  Throw in some characteristic vocals and you have a fantastic opening number that sets up the rest of the EP nicely.

Next up, we are presented with ‘Golden Age (Ft. Steo)‘.  This is a partnership that appears to have really blossomed over previous releases.  If you liked their other work, you will love this, liquid drum and bass with a naughty bassline working away on you, ensuring you remain engaged throughout.

The third track brings us ‘Never Enough‘, which features a new artist, Forren.  This track follows a similar pattern that you will have heard in the other tracks on this EP, but it stands out to me as the one that delivers with real skill, an outstanding track that would be well received in any set.

We are now presented with ‘Homie Don’t Play That‘.  If you liked the previous track then this delivers in a similar way with what feels like a much higher tempo and focus on dance elements.  There is a clear split in this EP, between the first two tracks, that feel like they could be taking you by the hand and leading you to the dancefloor, before it changes up a gear and presents a more upbeat, dance driven focus, ensuring you stay there.

For those of you buying the digital version, your journey will continue with two additional tracks.  The first of these ‘Cherry Blossom‘ hails back to the early part of the album with a more laid back feel, it’s a nice roller that works well with a somewhat hypnotic piano and chord pattern throughout.  Finally, you will find the full vocal mix of the EP’s second track ‘Golden Age‘ with addition of Dan Stezo lyrics throughout the central section of the track.  It’s a very nice alternative to the original version.  We recently covered the Lenzman and Dan Stezo mixtape that dropped at the end of 2015 (here).

In summary, this is a solid collection of tracks, it’s clear that Lenzman has really flexed his production muscles on this one.  No one element overpowers another, while it all fits together very well, working as an enjoyable harmony throughout the entire EP.  This is a great start to 2016 for both Lenzman, Metalheadz and Drum & Bass.  A release I’m sure many of you will love.

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