Dusky, Maceo Plex, and User18081971

Hello there, Shadowboxers!

It has been a minute since I’ve been here to share a tune or music recommendation of any kind. Life threw some curveballs at me over the last year, but  I’m glad to be back here with the SB family once again. One of my goals for 2016 is get back to my roots of writing and collaborating with artists for interviews and promotional material. So with that being said, I’ll share a few things I’ve been diggin’ lately.

Dusky’s Lydia EP clearly illustrates their versatility and appreciation for multiple styles of dance music.  The title track, “Lydia”, caught my attention first. Its got this solid, hypnotic, acid groove that sneaks up on you and just won’t let go. “Bitter Lake” has a throwback vibe that takes me back somewhere into the 90s,  but this tune could easily fit into a set today to spice things up. “Infinite Libido” is definitely a deeper, much softer tune but it also has a playful percussion bit that keeps things lively at the same time. Overall this EP is just really well rounded and has a bit of something for everyone.

Maceo Plex – Essential Mix, November 2015.

Eric has literally been crushing the entire dance music world since he left Dallas for greener pastures just a few short years ago. This mix was done on his birthday and he showed a side of himself and his musical tastes that his fans haven’t seen too much of before. This is an excellent journey of a mix for sure.  Happy (Belated) Birthday, Maceo Plex.

User18011971 – Everything he posts.

I love when Aphex Twin decides to spit something out on Soundcloud. Its always highly entertaining to me because I love the abstract nature of what he does. So much of what we listen to feels highly organized and purposeful and genre-fied (just made up that word); which I love, don’t get me wrong.  But his work is a nice reminder of the free form side of electronic music that’s there on the outer rim for us to enjoy.  Since he’s more distant and mysterious than most musicians these spontaneous outbursts from him are also good because they tell us fans that he’s still alive and kickin’. This latest installment from the one and only weirdo himself, may or may not have been created while under the influence. He is also a known prankster so you never can quite tell if he’s telling the truth.






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