Metalheadz Christmas Podcast Part 1

I have to say that I was looking forward to this from last year’s shenanigans. Paul from Pendulum has a great talk with the main man Goldie himself and we touch on the touchy subject of opening djs. It is a talk and discussion for another time but there are some fantastic tunes played and some seriously comedic moments during the interview.

We get interviews with Heist, SB81, Dbridge, Ulterior Motive, SP:MC, Jubei, and others who also pick 2 tunes as well to play during the podcast. You get to hear the SB81 rework of Your Sound, Heist channeling the mighty Dillinja with the absolute smasher of Violent Rain along with some classic, classic tunes. I love the Zed Bias tune Dbridge picked that is coming forth on Exit. Watch this space. One highlight was a Krust tune that had me digging in my crates to pull out and crank up in the studio.

Friction even makes an appearance!!

The second part will arrive on Boxing Day which for us Americans is the day after Christmas. I can imagine the magic that is coming on that one as well.

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