VTOW -TeeBee vs. Future Prophecies – Dimensional Entity

I have always been a fan of vocals in tracks. In fact, the vocals from “Can’t punish me” by Dom and Roland set me off when I first heard it. I was like, why can’t all music make me feel like this? While navigating the plethora of styles and classic, trying to learn what I could about dnb, I always steered toward the vocals. All that said, I want to start sharing some of my favorites. We’ll cover new and old, but not limited to dnb or anything, just vocals that grab me. (Pssst -It’ll mostly be dnb). Anyways, check this one out by Teebee and Future Prophecies. You’ll recognize the sample/vocal. The original is haunting as well. I love almost all tracks that use the lines or the sample. Enjoy!

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