Goldie – Broken Man & BBC Interview


Broken Man is an upcoming Metalheadz release that sees Goldie continuing to push traditional songwriting sensibility into the Drum and Bass he helped detonate into a global movement. Kwabs, who was apart of Goldie’s Royal Band, does a fantastic job in pushing an emotional tune forward with a deep, rich vocal making this single a great addition to the label’s catalog. Halogenix of Ivy Lab does a nice liquid roller remix on the flip side but I have to say I lean towards the original’s vibes and energy. It just really grabs ahold of you and takes you on a journey.

The part of this entry I really wanted to highlight which includes the tune mentioned above is the interview that Goldie just did on Gilles Peterson’s BBC6 show.  I had a long drive for work and got to listen to the interview in its entirety and it really is an interesting look into the musical background that inspired and shaped the sound we come to know from such releases as the seminal “Timeless” album. I really enjoyed the banter between Gilles and Goldie sharing stories from Speed and Blue Note eras along with the moments they first heard songs that were deeply influential to them. It really resonated with me because I can remember 2 moments like yesterday of hearing Timeless for the first time, Ribbon In The Sky, Detroit Rock City, and Kind Of Blue. I was surprised by some of the music selections played, but was glad to know that I wasn’t the only one to have a deep appreciation for artists like Teena Marie. I enjoy conversations in musical background with people and sharing the things that got me to where I am today. Music really is the soundtrack to one’s life. I am also not going to front that I did not have some waterworks happening during the discussion of Diane Charlemagne and segueing into “You and Me.” That is my favorite track off Timeless and it gets me every time I hear it right in the feels.

I don’t want to give away too much as I think that everyone should listen for themselves and take away what they want. I also learned about some new artists I have since bought music from so I think that is always brilliant to do. Michael Franks is amazing, simply amazing. I will however say, there is a Burial remix of “Inner City Life.” WHAT?!?! Link below.

Goldie Interview with Gilles Peterson

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