Mampi Swift interviews Mistabishi

[h/t to JamieS23 for the audio and Mampi Swift for the interview.]

Mistabishi is/was an unquestionably talented producer that was signed by Hospital Records in 2008 and dropped an LP (Drop), received a DnB Awards nomination, released the imaginative Printer Jam and From Memory (tho I prefer the Matrix remix). He was ascending very, very quickly in drum & bass…

Then he torpedoed it all, essentially, in one night. While representing Hospital at their signature Hospital nights, he was busted playing a mix CD rather than DJing (original thread). Then he made the situation worse by not only admitting it, bragging about having done it before, and refusing even a mote of contrition. It was almost like his ego couldn’t handle the whole thing.

original by mista

>>lol @ over analysis – over compensating a little for the fact you can’t actually dj? that most basic of skills, the one that you constantly slag off.<<

i can beat match just fine. i just don't see the excessive merit in it that people like you obviously give to it. i've played vinyl only sets where i've had to beat match things. largely because i've been forced to. i’ve also played sets with nothing more than a single cd and spent the whole hour on the phone. on both occasions i played the records i make and they have the desired effect on those that dance to them. i might piss off the mouth breathing gawpers at the front who desperately want to be doing what i’m doing but i’ve never been that kind of person, and would never make a record for that kind of person.
these days i compromise by playing cd’s and older records on vinyl. i’m not best pleased about having to conform to some pre-arranged expectation of some one like you. i just like making music for ravers. that’s what has always got me off.
you should probably ask yourself why being able to beat match the same record over and over again means so much to you. do you want to be a drum and bass dj? did you buy into the dream that if you practice long enough you’ll be flown around the world to play your record collection for people? i guess it might be possible…

This started an unreal spiral that saw Hospital drop him in mere moments and his going scorched earth on everything in drum & bass. Now he pops up periodically and goes off on wild, off-the-rails tangents that see him threaten anyone and everyone that challenges him.

Musically I haven’t heard much from him, but I know he runs a label called Noh Music and apparently plays at underground shows in the UK. Now Mampi Swift stepped forward for Rough Tempo to sit down with him for an hour-long interview detailing his history in music and just talk.

It’s…interesting. Mista is obviously engaging and smart, but you can hear the ego, bitterness, anger, and denial leak into the conversation. The cognitive dissonance is real because he does not believe he bears any of the responsibility for the venom he engenders. Another guy in the studio (the show producer?) gives him a bare explanation that he’s most of his own problem.

Beyond the chat, he plays a few tunes on his Korg, complains about dnb, pisses on other producers, then plays dnb tunes the whole time. He talks about his time with Hospital around 12:40ish which includes his explanation for the pre-mixed CD incident.

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